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Terra Developer

TerraDeveloper allows the creation of custom TerraExplorer Pro applications.

The Skyline TerraDeveloper software development kit is a set of ActiveX controls that provide full customization of TerraExplorer Pro applications to developers. Utilizing the TerraExplorer Pro environment, developers can build their own applications in 3D by integrating the TerraExplorer Pro capabilities in any application or HTML page.

TerraDeveloper allows the addition of powerful 3D geospatial interfaces to any application for PC based systems, including desktops, laptops, network and wireless based solutions.

TerraExplorer Run Time Pro

The TerraExplorer Run Time Pro is an application component designed to run with application developed using TerraDeveloper, and utilize the full TerraExplorer Pro API. Applications developed with TerraDeveloper can be distributed with a cost-effective TerraExplorer Run Time Pro that installs and runs with the application.

Features :

  • TerraExplorer Pro API - The enhanced COM interface allows control of all objects and movements in the system. It allows to customize any TerraExplorer Pro application and provides a way to create extensions that can access external information such as databases, GIS files and real time information. All of the interfaces can be managed through a scripting language (e.g., JavaScript) as well as non-scripting languages (e.g., C++ or Visual Basic).
  • ActiveX Controls - TerraDeveloper export the 3D View and Information Tree windows as ActiveX controls. Developers can "strip down" the TerraExplorer Pro user interface and integrate these components in any Windows and Web environment as ActiveX control.
  • User Interface API - Extension to the regular TerraExplorer Pro API. Using this new set of functions developer can control the activation of most TerraExplorer Pro tools and functions.
  • Distributable - Ability to create run-time modules that run in customized environments.

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