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Skyline's Terra Suite can benefit any mission critical operation as it allows users to simulate future missions, present tactical ways to approach and execute missions and analyze data before, during and after an operation. It can also be useful in traffic control, law enforcement, emergency services, and disaster management / preparedness training. With Skyline products, any strategic plan can be visually realized in real-time, as all movement can be tracked, and changes can be made when and where necessary as they transpire.

The Terra Suite products cater to a large range of users. Ground and air units can easily use the Skyline Terra Suite, as can soldiers in the field or decision-makers at the center of operations. The products can be used in the asoffice, a command center or even in the field using wireless devices.

Applying Skyline in Defense

Mission Planning :

  • Tactics presentations - Before a mission, Terra Suite can be used to outline strategic ways of approaching the target and achieving the goals of the mission.
  • Mission training - A visual ground or air image of what the mission may look like at a certain point during the operation can be created, giving those involved an opportunity to get a glimpse of what to expect in the field.
  • Region familiarization - An integral part of a mission is understanding the terrain on which the assignment will be carried out. For example, the line-of-sight tool, found in TerraExplorer Pro, aids in depicting what is visible from a specific point.
  • Intelligence - The information gathered for the mission can be easily applied to, for example, TerraBuilder which can show the latest satellite pictures of a certain area available to you. You can mark off points of interest and plan the mission using TerraExplorer Pro and the information gathered.
  • Analysis - The measurement tools in Terraexplorer Pro are just one way to analyze the terrain and plan a successful mission.
  • Safety - The Terra Suite offers an effective visual way of marking safety zones, buffer zones and danger zones.

During the Mission :

  • Command control -Terrain can be updated from central command as GPS feeds the new information into the system.
  • Real-time updates - While on the mission, soldiers can receive updated terrain images from central command via a wireless connection.
  • In-cockpit aids - Even in the air, the Skyline Terra Suite can bring the photo-realistic terrain to users who require real-time images of ground movement.
  • PDA's - Handheld devices can also be updated live, through a wireless network, providing access to crucial terrain files anywhere at anytime.

Mission Debriefing :

  • Planning vs. end results - The quality of the mission's plan can be evaluated based on the results and can be altered for the next mission.
  • Safety debriefing - The safety of the mission is a primary concern and therefore can be carefully examined at the end of the operation to review whether the safety, buffer and danger zones were followed and did not cause confusion.
  • Analysis - Once the mission is completed a thorough analysis of the successes and failures of the mission can be studied to improve future operations.


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